Brad Schimel Releases New TV Ad: “Big Yellow House”

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel released a brand new television ad, “Big Yellow House,” highlighting his dedication to protecting victims of abuse. The Big Yellow House in Waukesha is a child advocacy center that provides a safe environment for children, including counseling and social welfare services. Attorney General Schimel has been a strong advocate for children since his days as a Waukesha county prosecutor, when in 2006 he founded the Waukesha County Child Advocacy Center Task Force. That task force was then instrumental in creating The Big Yellow House.

TRANSCRIPT:As a prosecutor, Brad Schimel wanted to do more to help the victims, so Brad Schimel helped create the Big Yellow House, a safe place where abused kids can get the help they need and start healing.

“Brad has always been a very, very strong advocate for the rights and needs of victims of crime.”

“Brad really brings the passion and commitment to keep kids safe in a world that can be relatively unsafe.”

Brad Schimel, our Attorney General.

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