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The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) has proven, repeatedly, to be the premier national political committee impacting state attorney general races. Year-after-year, RAGA has set fundraising records, while also enhancing its ability to strategically impact these pivotal state positions all across the country.

With six days to go to Election Day, RAGA is firing on all cylinders as it continues to outpace its Democratic counterparts.

POLITICO Pro reports:

The Republican Attorneys General Association raised over $8 million in October, according to figures obtained by POLITICO.

That fundraising haul means that the umbrella organization for Republican state attorneys general has raised more than $40 million in the 2018 midterm cycle with days to go before the election.

“The 2018 battlefield is huge, which is a direct result of the success we’ve had in state AG races,” RAGA executive director Scott Will said in a statement. “There is no denying we have the wind in our face — the environment is challenging, and we have an avalanche of progressive groups sending in the cavalry. Tom Steyer has spent almost $4 million in the Arizona, but we built a financial firewall of over $40 million — shattering our past records — and we’ll need every penny to counter the enthusiasm and billionaire funders of the progressive left.”

In the last week the group has added an additional $1.5 million in spending in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Arizona.

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