The Republican Attorneys General Association released their third television advertisement in Wisconsin, this time blasting Democratic nominee for attorney general, Josh Kaul, for his plea deals with dangerous drug kingpins during his time as a federal prosecutor in Maryland.

“Josh Kaul is a dangerous choice for Wisconsin voters – they simply cannot trust him to do the job,” said RAGA Communications Zack Roday. “Kaul’s record in Maryland is clear, he cut deals with drug kingpins and was soft on repeat offenders. He should not be running for Wisconsin Attorney General, he’s never prosecuted a single criminal case in the state. Even worse, Kaul’s been in the state for 5 minutes. He has no plans, no experience and zero credibility to tell Wisconsinites he’ll serve them and not his political bosses.”

Watch the full ad:


Wisconsin is facing an opioid crisis, and meth is more accessible than ever. But what is Josh Kaul’s experience with drug dealers?

He spent years in east coast courtrooms cutting deals with kingpins and dealers, reducing sentences, even for repeat offenders, allowing one to get back on the streets and peddle even more heroin and dangerous drugs.

Josh Kaul’s deals with drug dealers worsened the problem. So why would we trust Josh Kaul as Attorney General?

That’s one Kaul Wisconsin can’t take.

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