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[Madison, WI] — Leah Vukmir is a mom and a nurse who is ready to take the Wisconsin way to Washington. Her opponent, Tammy Baldwin, supports weaker enforcement of our immigration laws and ending private health insurance for millions. While Baldwin picks Washington over Wisconsin, Leah Vukmir will fight for hard-working Wisconsin families.
See WBAY’s full election profile of Leah Vukmir here or find excerpts below:
Election Profile: Leah Vukmir (R), U.S. Senate
After more than 15 years in state politics, Republican Leah Vukmir is looking to unseat Tammy Baldwin, the junior U.S. senator from Wisconsin.
Vukmir is a mom, a nurse, and a self-proclaimed “citizen legislator” After 8-plus years in the Wisconsin State Assembly, she’s been serving in the State Senate since 2011.
Now she’s looking to unseat Senator Baldwin, a Democrat, by taking her strong leadership skills and understanding of challenges facing working families to Washington, DC.
“I was a mom with a cause who never thought I was going to get into politics, and it led me on this amazing odyssey in participating in what our Founding Fathers envisioned that a citizen legislator, a nurse, someone who was concerned about education in my daughter’s classroom could someday stand before the people of this state and ask for their support to be their next senator.”
A supporter of Act 10, Vukmir prides herself in being part of what she calls the “economic miracle” in Wisconsin, steps taken to really turn the state’s economy around from an unemployment and budget deficit perspective.
“I’ve put on 91,000 (miles) on my car in the last year-and-a-half as I’ve been traveling around this beautiful state, and everywhere I go, people are genuinely thrilled to have that extra money in their pockets. It’s giving them the ability to do more for their families, and the best part of it all, it’s infusing the economy.”
As a nurse, Vukmir believes she brings a different perspective to the health care debate. She’s in favor of competition, creating a marketplace so people have the ability to get the best quality of health care — choices she believes should be made at the state level.
“When I think about Wisconsin before Obamacare went into place, we had one of the lowest uninsured rates, we had a robust insurance market, and we had the ability to take care of people with pre-existing conditions who didn’t fall into those categories. We had to get rid of all of that. I say, bring the money back to the states, let us devise what we think is the best plan for us.”
Campaigning on her clear conservative vision for Wisconsin, Vukmir hopes to be a voice in Washington for the state where she was born, raised, and lived her entire life.
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