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Evers caught plagiarizing at least seven times over a six-year span
[Madison, WI] — Tony Evers plagiarized his budget proposals at least seven times over a six-year span – and he still hasn’t accepted any accountability for it. That’s why today’s visit by Barack Obama is so fitting. In 2008, when Obama was first running for president, he was caught plagiarizing his speeches – stealing lines directly from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Not surprisingly, neither Evers or Obama took the blame for the blatant way they stole others’ work and tried to pass them off as their own.
“It’s hard to find two better examples of failed leadership than Barack Obama and Tony Evers,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “From their plagiarism scandals to their failed policies, Obama and Evers share the same record that would only take our state backward. Thanks to Scott Walker’s reforms, more people are working this year than ever before in state history, our unemployment rate hit an all-time low, and our manufacturing sector is second in the nation for jobs added. Wisconsin is moving forward with Scott Walker.”
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