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Evers promises a variety of tax increases
[Madison, WI] — Scott Walker continues to fight for hard-working Wisconsin taxpayers. Since taking office, the governor has cut taxes by some $8 billion – making sure Wisconsin is open for business and returning power to our state’s taxpayers while making record actual-dollar investments in our schools. Now Tony Evers wants to undo all those reforms, saying that “everything is on the table” when it comes to increasing taxes.
“Tony Evers’ tax increases are just the latest example of how he’s caving to the unions and big government special interests. He supports massive tax hikes that will take Wisconsin backward,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Hard-working Wisconsin families will bear the cost of these tax increases. We’ve come too far to go back now – Wisconsin simply can’t afford Tony Evers.”
Walker cuts taxes, Evers will raise them
  • As governor, Scott Walker has fought to return power to the taxpayers of our state, cutting taxes over $8 billion.
  • Walker’s reforms have improved Wisconsin’s business environment and helped our state’s farmers and manufacturers create jobs.
  • Last week, Tony Evers told Wisconsin voters that he’s open to raising a variety of taxes – including property taxes, income taxes, and the gas tax. Evers opposes the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit that helps Wisconsin’s small businesses create jobs.
  • This follows Evers’ first day on the campaign trail, when he told reporters that “everything is on the table” when asked if he supported a one dollar increase in the gas tax.
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