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Excerpts lifted directly from Wikipedia, other documents
[Madison, WI] —Tony Evers has been caught plagiarizing major portions of his state education budget proposal from Wikipedia and other sources, according to a report by national news outlet Politico. Evers’ excuse? An “oversight by staff.” According to the report, the passages plagiarized include information on “summer learning loss, workforce experiences for youth, early childhood education, and after-school programs.”
Read the breaking story from Caitlin Emma and Daniel Strauss at POLITICO here or find excerpts below.
Evers plagiarized multiple passages in his most recent state budget proposal:
Four passages in the budget document released last month by Evers — and shared with POLITICO by the Walker campaign — were taken from other sources without any attribution, the Department of Public Instruction acknowledged in a statement. Evers told POLITICO that the lack of citations for the material shouldn’t distract from his “proactive, positive vision” for Wisconsin students, and agency procedures will be changed to prevent a recurrence.
A spokesman for Evers’ agency, Thomas McCarthy, said the lack of attribution was the result of “an oversight by staff when drafting the paper.”
The four pieces of text lifted from other sources cover summer learning loss, workforce experiences for youth, early childhood education and after-school programs. 
… Two other briefer passages in Evers’ budget mirror a short Wikipedia paragraph on early childhood education and a description of a study on after-school programs published in a 2008 brief
 by the nonprofit Afterschool Alliance.
Read the full story here.
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