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[Madison, WI] — Tony Evers is a failed leader. For examples of his failed leadership, look no further than his plagiarizing at least seven sections of his budget proposals over six years and his plans to raise income taxes, property taxes, and the gas tax by up to $1 per gallon. Now, in the latest demonstration of his failed leadership, he repeatedly profited from companies who were responsible for serious environmental pollution, took billions in taxpayer subsidies, and had notoriously terrible records on workers’ rights and veterans’ rights. The investments run counter to his campaign rhetoric.
Check out that they’re saying about Evers’ investments:
From Media TrackersEvers voices support for renewable energy and environmental concerns but is heavily invested in oil and gas; including companies involved in the BP oil spill.  The resulting oil spill from the 2010 explosion of the Transocean-operated Deepwater Horizon rig that killed eleven workers was the worst in U.S History. The RPW says Evers owned as much as $50,000 worth of Transocean bonds at the time of the accident and held the investment for 2 years after the explosion. 
From The Washington Free BeaconEvers also invested up to $50,000 in Buckeye Partners, a petroleum distributor, the year after a company spill contaminated the drinking water supplies for hundreds of residents in Jackson, Wis. A pipe that extended from Milwaukee to Green Bay ruptured in July 2012 and spilled 54,600 gallons of fuel in a farm pasture. The spill contaminated groundwater for up to a square mile of the incident and the water later tested positive for benzene and additional contaminants in more than 40 wells. Environmental officials in the state made 37 property owners abandon their wells due to the contamination.
From WisPolitics PM UpdateThe state GOP called out Evers this afternoon as a hypocrite for investing in companies opposed to his agenda. They specifically cited Evers’ investment in Transocean and other energy companies to show the Democratic gubernatorial candidate’s financial portfolio runs counter to his pro-environmental agenda. Transocean operated the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which leaked millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Evers’ statement of economic interest the state GOP referenced shows the gubernatorial candidate owned as much as $50,000 in Transocean bonds up to two years after the spill.
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