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[Madison, WI] — Yesterday, Vice President Pence traveled across the state with Governor Walker to highlight Wisconsin’s comeback. Thanks to the governor’s reforms, taxes have been cut by over $8 billion, unemployment hit an all-time low, and the state is investing more actual dollars into our classrooms than ever before.
Check out what they’re saying about Vice President Mike Pence’s Wisconsin Visit.
From the Green Bay Press Gazette: Pence said Walker is one of the best governors in the United States. “Wisconsin and America need four more years of Gov. Scott Walker,” he said. The vice president emphasized key Republican talking points: tax cuts, job growth, smaller government with fewer regulations and a strong economy. “Your tax cut is on the table. Your paycheck is on the table. Your wallet is on the table,” he said. “Wisconsin needs to send Scott Walker back (to Madison).”
From the Leader-Telegram: “There are people who are driven and people who are called. Gov. Walker was called. And you liked him so much that you actually elected him twice during his first term,” the vice president said, alluding to the recall election Walker faced in 2012. Walker has cut taxes by $8 billion while making significant contributions for education. And, under Walker, Wisconsin is recognized as one of the best states in America for businesses, Pence said. “I think we need four more years of Gov. Scott Walker,” he said.
From We Are Green Bay: “He secured, and every governor in America was jealous about it, by the way, the largest private sector investment in Wisconsin history, and one of the largest private sector investments in American history, when Foxconn said yes to Governor Scott Walker and the state of Wisconsin investing $10 billion in creating 13,000 good-paying jobs,” Vice President Pence said. Pence also went on the attack, calling the Democratic candidate for governor, state superintendent Tony Evers, a “big government, big labor liberal,” and said Evers will raise taxes, including the gas tax by as much as a dollar per gallon.
From the Chippewa Herald: “In the four years before we took office this state lost more than 133,000 jobs,” Walker said. “And for many people across the state, even if they hadn’t lost their job, they took a pay cut just to keep their job along the way. Today, with the help of many great employers like Precision Pipeline and others across the state, we changed things so the people of this state, not the Government, could create more jobs and higher wages in this state. And now in 2018 there are more people employed in the state of Wisconsin than ever before in the history of this state.”
From WLUK: “Governor Scott Walker has taken on employee unions, balanced the state budget and cut taxes for people of Wisconsin by $8 billion, that’s incredible,” said Pence.
From the Journal Sentinel: At his stop in Green Bay, Pence said Walker’s response to recent flooding across the state is just one example of why he deserves a third term as governor. “Wisconsin saw firsthand a few short weeks ago the impact of heavy rain and flooding on families and communities,” Pence said. “Gov. Walker led the state with his usual strength and hands-on leadership through that.”
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