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Walker campaign releases report detailing Tony Evers’ proposed $7.2 billion in potential tax increases
[Madison, WI]— Today, Governor Walker’s campaign released a stunning memo detailing just how much Tony Evers would raise taxes on Wisconsin job creators and families if elected governor. Over the course of his campaign, Evers has shown openness to raising income taxes, property taxes, and the gas tax – even saying that a gas tax increase of up to $1 per gallon was “on the table.” Now, through a review of Evers’ public statements, Walker’s team was able to paint a picture of what his tax plan could look like. The result? A total of $7.2 billion in potential tax increases.
“The complete disregard for Wisconsin’s hard-working taxpayers shown by Tony Evers is stunning,” said Alec Zimmerman spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Wisconsinites deserve better than the same failed leadership and empty promises that led to billion dollar deficits and double-digit tax increases not long ago. Governor Walker has invested in Wisconsin priorities while continuing to lower the tax burden on Wisconsin families, while Tony Evers’ reckless agenda would take Wisconsin backward with skyrocketing taxes. Wisconsin can’t afford Tony Evers.”
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