Contact: David James
[email protected]

WASHINGTON — Republican State Leadership Committee President Matt Walter released the following statement regarding the 2018 state-level election results:

“After two years of overstated proclamations and fever-pitch predictions from a newly created constellation of progressive groups pledging to spend hundreds of millions, Democrats only managed to flip five net chambers—all in blue states won by Hillary Clinton.  The Republican state legislative red firewall held strong in battleground states like Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Republicans are projected to end the 2018 cycle with a dominant 62 GOP to 37 Dem legislative chamber advantage.  Compared to the 21 chambers Republicans flipped in 2010 on the way to flipping nearly 1,000 seats from Blue to Red during the rest of the decade, Democrats haven’t made the types of gains history indicates they should – and needed to – win this cycle.  Vastly outspent and with historical trend lines against Republicans, voters once again gave an overwhelming majority of legislative control to quality, responsible Republican leaders.

Coupled with key wins by other statewide, judicial, women and diverse candidates, 2018 turned out to be more a blue ripple than a wave.”

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