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WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 13, 2018) — Despite coverage suggesting other reasons for disgraced “Fast and Furious” Eric Holder’s campaign appearance today in Wisconsin, the real reason is easy for those covering Holder’s efforts to rig state political systems despite the authority of state legislatures. Holder and his liberal allies are trying to elect liberal judges to steal redistricting authority away from state legislatures. Liberals have deployed this tactic in Pennsylvania, where legislative maps governed multiple election cycles, and were then thrown out by a liberal court after Democrats won a majority of Supreme Court seats there in 2015.

As reported in 2015 by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the Democrats, under Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, made concerted efforts to take over the elected Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The yield of that victory has been the liberal court’s usurping the authority of the state legislature to redraw legislative maps in Pennsylvania.

The political left’s naked power grab through the courts is nothing new, as an Ohio AFL-CIO official once said: “We figured out a long time ago that it’s easier to elect seven judges than to elect 132 legislators.” (Andy Kroll, “Is Your Judge for Sale?” Mother Jones, 11/14)

“Fast and Furious Eric Holder is trying to rig the election system again in Wisconsin. After a decade of losing nearly 1000 state legislative seats to Republicans, on lines largely drawn by Democrats, Eric Holder is frantically trying to repair Barack Obama’s down-ballot losing legacy. Republicans now control 67 of the 99 state chambers in the country because they have been running better candidates with better ideas,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee. “Prior to 2010, Democrats rarely complained about gerrymandering or map drawing, and they certainly aren’t complaining about district lines drawn in deep blue states, including Barack Obama drawing his own state senate district in Illinois. Neither are liberals aiding voters who are challenging the Democrat-gerrymandered map in Maryland, opting instead to steal court races hoping to dictate their liberal agenda from the bench,” Walter added.

Eric Holder’s “Rigged” Political Side-Show

“I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.” – Eric Holder 4/4/13 (Politico)

In the January 30, 2012 issue of The New Yorker, Ryan Lizza reported, “A few years later, Illinois Democrats, after toiling in the minority in the Senate, gerrymandered the state to produce a Democratic majority. While drafting the new political map, Obama helped redraw his own district northward to include some of Chicago’s wealthiest citizens, making the district a powerful financial and political base that he used to win his U.S. Senate seat, a few years later.”

Eric Holder will say the political system is “rigged” but here are some FACTS Eric Holder will never say:

During the Obama Presidency, Republicans won nearly 1000 state legislative seats, largely drawn on Democrat lines drawn before 2010.
A Democrat won in the recent Wisconsin special election, on a Republican drawn district, proving that candidates win races, not lines.
By its logic, the stated purpose of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is to “rig” and gerrymander the redistricting process through 2022, as indicated in its “Statement of Purpose” to the IRS:

“To build a comprehensive plan to favorably position Democrats for the redistricting process through 2022. “ – NRDC’s Statement of Purpose on 527 IRS Filing for 2017

Eric Holder will argue that Congressional District lines should reflect the popular vote in a given state, but will not acknowledge that Republicans have 33 Governors right now based on statewide lines. So, using Holder math, Republicans should have 287 members in the House, and no Republicans should win a Congressional seat in places like New York and California. Eric Holder will overlook that liberal populations tend to congregate on the coasts and in largely dense population centers.

How does Holder’s “rigged” system account for statewide victories?

State-level Republicans by the Numbers:

31 Republican Lt. Governors
30 Republican Secretaries of State
67 of 99 Legislative Chambers Controlled by Republicans

Eric Holder will point to the decision made by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Here’s what Eric Holder will not tell you:

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is a partisan-elected court, with a 5-2 Democrat majority as of 2015.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz raised money for the court races in PA, with the intention of taking the mapping process away from the state legislature.
The district maps in Pennsylvania had been used in multiple election cycles before the Democrats took the majority on the Supreme Court in 2015.

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