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WASHINGTON, D.C. –  The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) will launch a multi-platform, multiple ad campaign reminding the people of Senate District 25 that Senator Janet Bewley has been out-of-touch with their values, siding with Madison liberals on issues related to illegal immigration, the Second Amendment, and taxes.  The issue ads will begin airing tomorrow in Senate District 25.

“The hard-left turn of national liberals has arrived in Wisconsin, and Senator Janet Bewley has bought into their radical agenda,” said RSLC President Matt Walter. “While in office, she has sided with the anti-gun lobby, supported increasing the gas tax and registration fee, and even voted against common-sense legislation to stop illegal aliens from getting government-issued ID cards.  The ad campaign will also educate residents on the pro-business, pro-job creation record of local chamber of commerce executive director James Bolen contrasting sharply with Senator Bewley’s failed record in Madison,” added Walter.

In 2016, prior to the defeat of Senator Julie Lassa (SD-24), the RSLC similarly aired issue-focused ads underscoring her “Missing in Action” status for Wisconsin’s working families.

The scripts for the RSLC’s new radio ads are below, along with links to the audio.  Digital advertising will run concurrent to the radio ads.

RSLC Ad on Bewley’s Liberal Tax and Spend Record


Are you driving?  Hear that sound?  (car accelerator)

Well, every time politician Janet Bewley hears that sound, she thinks of this one.  (cash register).

Yep, Janet Bewley would support increasing the gas tax and your vehicle registration fee.  Heck, if Bewley had her way, she’d throw Wisconsin in reverse.  (tire screech)

Bewley has voted against budgets that hold the line on property taxes and freeze college tuition for folks like us.

Janet Bewley is just another tax and spend liberal.

But James Bolen wants to keep Wisconsin on the road to success.

As a small businessman and local chamber director, Bolen knows what it takes to balance a budget and create jobs.

That’s why Bolen wants to cut harmful taxes and regulations, keeping Wisconsin families moving forward.  Bolen knows it’s the engine of our economy that drives us all to success. 

So, call Janet Bewley at 608-266-3510.  Tell her to stop trying to put the brakes on our economy.

Paid for by Republican State Leadership Committee.

RSLC’s “Siren” Ad on Bewley’s Public Safety Record


How long would you be willing to wait for this sound to protect your family?

Politician Janet Bewley thinks you should wait and wait. 

Bewley sided with the anti-gun lobby… voting against a bill making it easier for people to protect their homes.

Bewley also sided with Madison liberals by voting against common-sense legislation to stop illegal aliens from getting government-issued ID cards.

And Bewley even opposed drug testing for welfare benefits.

(Police siren)

Janet Bewley’s record is too extreme.

One of us, James Bolen.

Bolen is a small businessman and community leader, not a politician.

Bolen is the director of a local chamber of commerce.  He’s creating jobs and millions in new investments for Northern Wisconsin.

That’s why Bolen shares our values… is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights and wants to protect our families and tax dollars.

So, call Janet Bewley at 608-266-3510 and sound the alarm on her liberal record.

Paid for by Republican State Leadership Committee.

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