RGA Reserves TV Ad Time In Alaska, Connecticut, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Wisconsin

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association announced today a second round of TV ad reservations in states with gubernatorial elections scheduled to occur this November. This follows the first round of ad reservations the RGA made in February in Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Arizona, which totaled about $20 million.

The ad reservations were made on Monday and are effective for the last 4-6 weeks of the general election. This latest round totals about $14 million, bringing the RGA’s total ad reservation so far for 2018 to $34 million.

The RGA, directly or with partner organizations, reserved ad time in Alaska ($1.5 million), Connecticut ($1.7 million), and Minnesota ($2.3 million). These three states are top pick-up opportunities for Republicans, and these reservations are just the beginning of GOP efforts to win these governorships. The RGA also reserved ad time in Kansas ($1.1 million), Tennessee ($2.2 million), and Wisconsin ($5.1 million). Each of these states have the potential for a competitive governor’s race, and could also see potentially competitive Senate and House races in their states or media markets.

“By booking these ad reservations ahead of other campaigns and groups, the RGA will save considerable resources,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “More states will be targeted in the coming weeks and months, but given the massive amount of money that could pour into these states, and the potential for competitive races at the federal and state level, the RGA is ensuring our resources will be the most efficient on the field.”

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