James Wigderson
Editor, RightWisconsin
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WAUKESHA – In a signed op-ed appearing in RightWisconsin, four conservative organizations have come out against Governor Scott Walker’s plan to bailout Kimberly-Clark’s operations in Wisconsin. The op-ed, “The Kimberly-Clark Bailout Is a Bad Idea,” was co-written by Rick Esenberg of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks, Brett Healy of the MacIver Institute, and Mike Nichols of the Badger Institute.

“Although it is well-intentioned, the Republican bill to give paper company Kimberly-Clark the same tax credit package as offered to electronics manufacturer Foxconn is simply bad economics and sets a troubling, if not unsustainable, precedent for economic development,” the conservative leaders wrote. “Conservatives should be very skeptical of the deal.”

RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson said the op-ed by the conservative groups was a very significant development in the debate over the incentive package being offered to Kimberly Clark.

“This op-ed by four very important conservative leaders, including three from Wisconsin, shows that conservatives are very uncomfortable when the government decides to intervene in the free market, regardless of who is in control of state government,” Wigderson said.

Wigderson also said that this op-ed is why RightWisconsin was created in the first place.

“Conservatives need to be able to debate these important public policy questions in a respectful manner with each other,” Wigderson said. “RightWisconsin is a place where conservatives can disagree and debate. I’m looking forward to more debate on this important issue.”


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