Contact: James Wigderson

Editor, RightWisconsin


Waukesha, WI – In an unscientific poll on Facebook, state Senator Leah Vukmir (R-Brookfield) easily defeated Kevin Nicholson of Delafield, 88.5 percent to 11.5 percent. While the poll is unscientific and participation is completely voluntary, the poll may be an indicator of the relative intensity of support for the two candidates.

The unscientific poll was conducted on Facebook starting the night of Friday, January 5, and ending the night of Sunday, January 7. The poll was also posted on RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson’s Facebook page.

According to Facebook, the poll reached 1,406 people “organically” (without paid promotion) and 227 votes were cast. Nicholson received 26 votes, with the remainder (221) all going to Vukmir.

“We conducted this unscientific poll just to get a gauge on what our readers are thinking,” Wigderson said. “We were stunned at the lopsided result. While it’s a small sample in an unscientific online poll, it does show that Nicholson’s campaign needs to do more to reach out to Wisconsin’s grassroots conservatives.”

The poll was conducted at a time when the national media is bumping up the US Senate race in Wisconsin to the number one race to watch. Republicans have already spent more in this Senate race than all other races with Democratic incumbents combined, according to the Huffington Post.

“In recent days, the Huffington Post, Axios, and the Washington Free Beacon have all taken note of the vulnerability of the incumbent, Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin,” Wigderson said. “So has Baldwin, who admitted in a fundraising email on Sunday that she is worried, too.”

“We’re worried,” the Baldwin email said. “The severity of outside spending against Tammy should be enough to put our entire grassroots team on alert.”

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