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MADISON, WI — As Gov. Scott Walker prepares to sign his pre-election $100 per child tax credit, gubernatorial candidate and former state Rep. Kelda Roys issued a strong rebuke of Walker’s election-year gimmicks and fiscal mismanagement:

“Gov. Walker has spent the last eight years making things more difficult and expensive for Wisconsin’s parents – threatening healthcare coverage, making massive cuts to K12 and higher education, and passing huge corporate welfare deals at the expense of the middle class,” said Roys. “This tax rebate is nothing more than a bad-faith attempt to distract voters from his record before this fall’s election – once again, Gov. Walker puts his own political ambitions before the needs of Wisconsin families.”

With the total cost of the Foxconn project estimated to be roughly $4.47 billion dollars, and with the census placing the number of households in Wisconsin at 2,668,444, Walker’s Foxconn gamble will cost every Wisconsin household more than $1,675.

Additionally, had Walker accepted the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, bringing our tax dollars back to Wisconsin, he could have saved our state $1.07 billion dollars and provided coverage to tens of thousands of Wisconsinites. Instead, Walker chose to undermine the Affordable Care Act, leading to fewer people covered and some of the highest marketplace premiums in the nation for Wisconsin families. Not expanding coverage with federal funds has cost each Wisconsin household an additional $400

Adding to the costs borne by Wisconsinites is the $524 that every household pays for a corporate manufacturing tax giveaway that didn’t stop our state from losing almost 4,000 manufacturing jobs last year. In addition, Walker’s failure to properly maintain our and fund our roads will cost Wisconsinites an average of $637 each year in vehicle repair costs, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

“Scott Walker’s tenure as governor has been marked by poor budgeting, misplaced priorities, and desperate, election-year gimmicks,” concluded Roys. “Wisconsin deserves a governor who makes responsible decisions for our future and invests in our people. When I’m governor, every budget we pass, every bill I sign, and every action I take will put the people of Wisconsin first.”

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