For Immediate Release

July 29, 2018

Contact: Brian Evans, 630-217-7561,

MADISON, WI — Kelda Roys issued a strong rebuke in response to Walker’s latest attempt to distract from his abysmal record on healthcare. Roys is available for comment on Walker’s press conference in Green Bay. To reach her, email or call 630-217-7561.

“Wisconsinites remember Scott Walker’s attacks on our healthcare,” said Roys. “At the same time Walker announced this plan, he signed off on a lawsuit to destroy the Affordable Care Act. If Walker got his way, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites could have lost the insurance they rely on.”

Wisconsin has recently seen spikes in our insurance costs, largely due to President Donald Trump’s attacks on healthcare marketplaces. Walker’s own deputy insurance commissioner said that “a major reason for the stiff hikes is that President Donald Trump’s administration hasn’t said if it will continue certain payments to insurers.”

“If Scott Walker cared about affordable healthcare for Wisconsin families, he would have the courage to stand up to President Trump and demand he stop playing games with our healthcare,” Roys added. “Unfortunately, Walker has put his political ambition first, and Wisconsinites across the state are paying the price. As governor, I’ll always stand up to Donald Trump’s attacks on the people of Wisconsin.”

As governor, Roys has pledged to make BadgerCare a public option that anyone can buy into, which will lower the cost of insurance and increase coverage. Roys has also released a plan to combat the alarming increase in the price of prescription medication.

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