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“There’s a reason contracts aren’t written on the back of a napkin”

MADISON, WI — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys is calling attention to Foxconn’s newly announced plans to scale back their Mount Pleasant factory, as well as their history of broken promises.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this morning that the facility Foxconn will be building “will differ significantly, at least initially, from the original plans.” When asked about this change, a WEDC official stated “it’s up to Foxconn — and not state government — to determine what the best use of that facility is.”

“There’s a reason contracts aren’t written on the back of a napkin,” said Roys. “It’s extremely troubling that Scott Walker is giving billions of dollars to a company that’s changing their end of the bargain on a whim. The recklessness of this deal proves it was designed to secure Walker’s reelection, not help the people of Wisconsin.”

Foxconn has a history of grandiose promises failing to materialize. The Washington Post reported that Foxconn promised a $30 million investment and 500 jobs in Pennsylvania, but “the factory was never built. The jobs never came.” Foxconn also promised Brazil 100,000 jobs, most of which have never materialized.

“Scott Walker should never have negotiated a contract and agreed to give billions to a company with a history of broken promises,” added Roys. “At a time when Wisconsin small businesses and family farms are struggling, throwing $4.5 billion at a bad bet is the last thing our state needs. Wisconsinites deserve better from our governor.”

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