Roys campaign: Crosses $1 million raised threshold

Contact: Brian Evans, 630-217-7561

MADISON, WI — Earlier this week, Kelda Roys’ campaign for governor reached $1 million dollars raised over the course of this campaign cycle. This is another sign of Roys’ strength as a candidate and the momentum her campaign continues to build.

“Our movement to restore fairness and opportunity to Wisconsin is gaining support, resources, volunteers, and votes every day,” said Roys. “Our strategic and efficient campaign has left us with the resources needed to deliver our winning message to voters.”

Per the last reporting period, Roys had an almost 2-1 cash on hand advantage compared with the rest of the field. Roys has also run a far more disciplined campaign, spending roughly 20.95% of the funds her campaign raised, compared to 41.32% for Flynn, 64.04% for Mitchell, and 66.70% for Evers.

Roys’ campaign was one of the first in the primary to go up on TV. While all the public polls in this race were conducted before significant mass communications by Democratic gubernatorial candidates, the Roys campaign’s internal polling shows that when voters hear Roys’ message, they overwhelmingly move both from “undecided” and from leaning Evers to support Roys, giving her a convincing lead.

“Voters, elected leaders, and donors realize Roys is our strongest candidate to beat Scott Walker in November,” said campaign spokesman Brian Evans. “She’s an energetic and tireless campaigner, a great fundraiser and communicator, and an inspiring candidate who matches this political moment. Kelda’s positive message, her significant cash-on-hand advantage, her momentum, the large number of undecided voters, and voters’ excitement to elect a female governor all point to Roys winning on August 14.”