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Roys is “the unabashedly progressive candidate so many Wisconsin voters have wanted for so long.”

MADISON, WI — Today, Kelda Roys has secured the endorsement of the Wisconsin Gazette, an independent newspaper that advocates for equality, justice, and clean government.

“I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of the Wisconsin Gazette,” said Roys. “The Gazette is one of our greatest independent newspapers and has served as a beacon of progressivism in Wisconsin. They are supporting us because they know we can beat Scott Walker in November and lead Wisconsin into a fairer and brighter future.”

The following are excerpts from the Wisconsin Gazette’s article: Vote for Kelda Roys on Aug. 14; Roys is the Democrat who can beat Scott Walker

“Roys displays the values, resolve and leadership to guide Wisconsin into a future where all citizens who work hard have a chance to succeed, regardless of their abilities to make large campaign contributions.”

“Roys will be a candidate unlike any other who’s taken on Walker. Much more than previous challengers, she appeals to women and young voters. She’s not shy about articulating her positions. She’s the unabashedly progressive candidate so many Wisconsin voters have wanted for so long.”

“Roys checks all the right boxes for progressives when it comes to her policy agenda. But she’s already demonstrated a commitment to the issues and causes that matter to us. She’s walked the walk.”

“Wisconsin progressives are lucky to have a candidate like Roys at this moment in time. She’s intelligent, articulate, poised and forceful. Among all the Democrats running, she presents the most striking and positive alternative to Walker.”

Roys has previously been endorsed by many national and state organizations and leaders, including EMILY’s List, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Women’s March WI, National Organization for Women – Wisconsin, Feminist Majority PAC, Demand Universal Healthcare, Moms Demand Action Candidate Distinction, #VoteProChoice, Andy Gronik, Outagamie Co. Exec. Thomas Nelson, Rep. Lisa Subeck, Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, Rep. Amanda Stuck, Rep. Nick Milroy, former Sen. Jess King, and hundreds of local elected officials and leaders.

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