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83% of contributions are from Wisconsinites

Madison, WI – Kelda Roys, past executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin and former State Representative, announced today that she expects to file her first finance report showing over $163,000 raised, with over $151,000 cash on hand.

Roys entered the race about two weeks before the filing deadline, long after the other Democratic candidates – most of whom had been campaigning and raising money for many months. Over 80% of the money she raised came from Wisconsin donors.

“We are just beginning this campaign, and I am gratified that so many people reached out from every part of Wisconsin to lend their support, especially over the holidays,” said Roys. “Clearly, Wisconsinites are ready for a proven progressive leader to be our next governor. With such a strong showing of support in just a few days, we will have the resources to win the primary and defeat Walker in November.”

Roys, 38, is a small business owner, entrepreneur, attorney, and advocate who has been standing up for women and families her whole career. In the Assembly, she stood out as an influential and effective lawmaker, delivering results for working families and helping lead the opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s radical agenda. As a mother of young children, Roys will fight for paid family leave, affordable childcare, great schools, and quality healthcare for all. In a year in which Wisconsin voters are ready for change, Kelda Roys provides the clearest contrast with Scott Walker.

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