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Roys labels program “deeply disturbing” and accuses Walker of “playing to xenophobia” to score political points

MADISON, WI — Today, Facebook unveiled a tool allowing users to see the advertisements that political campaigns run on their platform. Of the 13 ads that Governor Scott Walker has run since May 7th, 6 feature clear references to President Donald Trump’s border wall, 2 highlight his pro-life credentials, and another 2 feature Walker promoting his support for firearms.

Previously, it was possible to run Facebook advertisements that went only to specific users, making it impossible for the general public to see what messages politicians were conveying. Today, that has changed and revealed the divisive, far-right campaign that Scott Walker is running.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys released the following statement:

“Scott Walker’s ad program is deeply disturbing. When our governor thinks nobody is looking, he spends the majority of his time and money promoting Donald Trump’s bigoted border wall. This is who Scott Walker is – a divisive politician looking to score cheap political points by playing to xenophobia.

“I refuse to sit back and not call out intolerance when I see it. Wisconsin deserves so much better from our leaders. Our state is deeply divided, and our next governor has a lot of work to do in bridging those divides and bringing Wisconsinites together. Scott Walker has proven himself to be utterly incapable of this by using his campaign to play to the worst, most divisive aspects of our politics.

“As governor, I will work every single day to build a Wisconsin that is welcoming to all.”

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