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Roys reiterates call for Walker to speak out against Trump’s family separation policy and urges Walker to donate funds to charity

MADISON, WI — Today, in light of the GOP’s abusive, inhumane policy of family separation, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys called on Scott Walker to immediately cease fundraising off his deployment of Wisconsin National Guard troops to the southern border and donate any funds received from that advertising campaign to charity.

Not only is Walker refusing to denounce family separation, despite many other GOP leaders speaking out against it, he is actually running a series of campaign ads on Facebook seeking to profit off of his deployment of the Wisconsin National Guard to the border. The ads, pictured below, are petitions meant to collect email addresses for Scott Walker’s campaign to then send fundraising emails to.

Kelda Roys released the following statement:

“Scott Walker has reached a new low. Walker’s silence in the face of children being ripped from their parents’ arms is cowardly, and his deployment of Wisconsin’s National Guard to abet this practice is unconscionable. The fact that he is seeking to profit off the inhumane conditions at the southern border is one of the most heartless acts I have seen during my time in politics.

“I call on Scott Walker to immediately end this offensive campaign ad and donate any profits he earned from it to Border Angels, an organization that fights for human rights and social justice at the US-Mexican border. I renew my call for Walker to join the bipartisan ranks of governors refusing to send National Guard troops to the southern border in light of the Trump administration’s human rights abuses.”

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