Roys campaign: Kelda Roys endorsed by Network for Public Education Action

For Immediate Release: August 6, 2018

Contact: Brian Evans, 630-217-7561,

Endorsement comes as report ranks WI charter schools last in the nation for accountability, oversight, and transparency

MADISON, WI — Kelda Roys has been endorsed by NPE Action, the advocacy arm of the Network for Public Education (NPE). NPE Action released the following statement:

“NPE Action is proud to announce its support for Kelda Roys for the Governor of Wisconsin. Ms. Roys has a strong record of support for public education. She is opposed to vouchers and to charter school governance outside of school districts. She is opposed to high-stakes testing and believes that innovation comes from empowering teachers.

“Ms. Roys wants to restore funding to the state’s public schools, and she wants to make sure that it is equitably distributed. She believes in early childhood education and free tuition to public two-year colleges. According to Ms. Roys, education innovation should be based on evidence, not politically popular “reforms.”

“On August 14 please support Kelda Roys as the nominee of the Democratic Party for Governor of Wisconsin.”

This endorsement comes after the release of a report that ranks Wisconsin’s charter schools as the least transparent and accountable in the entire nation.

“I’m thrilled to have earned the endorsement of NPE Action,” said Roys. “I have always been a champion for our children, our teachers, and our public schools, and that’s what Wisconsin needs right now. After eight devastating years for the worst governor for education in Wisconsin’s history, we need a governor who will win in November and as governor, will stand up to the privatization of our schools and the devaluing of our educators. NPE Action has endorsed me because they know I am that candidate.”