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MADISON, WI –Today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys released her plan to significantly reduce gun violence and the likelihood of mass shootings in Wisconsin.  A Safer Wisconsin.

“We have no more important responsibility than to keep our children safe,” said Roys. “Yet unfortunately, our leaders continue to allow the specter of violence to loom large over their schools. My daughter should not be doing active shooter drills at daycare – no child should. As governor, I will work with across the aisle to pass common-sense gun safety reforms that will keep our communities safe, so our schools can focus on educating our kids.”

Roys’ A Safer Wisconsin platform contains the following provisions:

  • Address firearm purchasing:

    • Enact universal background checks, prohibit violent criminals from obtaining firearms, and pass “red flag” laws.

  • Secure firearms sales:

    • Reinstate our 48 hour waiting period, raise the gun buying age to 21, and require gun dealers to secure weapons prior to sale.

  • Reduce the lethality of mass shootings:

    • Ban tools that make mass shootings more deadly, such as bump stocks, high capacity magazines, and silencers.

  • Enforce gun safety laws:

    • Allow local governments to set their own community standards around firearms, and build a law enforcement database of firearms to allow them to be tracked.

  • Keep guns out of schools, because children should be free to learn without fear.

  • Expand access to healthcare, including mental and behavioral health.

“After the May school shooting in Santa Fe, one of the student survivors was asked if she was surprised that violence was visited on her school,” Roys concluded. “She said no, and that she felt ‘eventually it was going to happen here too.’ This is as heartbreaking as it is preventable. The terrorizing of our youth cannot and will not continue when I am governor. Enough is enough.”

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