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Roys continues to lift up the stories of Wisconsinites in her campaign

MADISON, WI — Today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys released Cost, a video highlighting the remarkably high prices that so many Wisconsinites are paying for prescription medications they rely on to stay well. The video can be viewed here, and a transcript has been provided at the end of this release.

Kelda Roys released the following statement about the video:

“Debbie, like so many Wisconsinites, takes a prescription medication to maintain her health and well-being. Unfortunately, we have seen an astonishing increase in the price of prescription drugs in recent years. This leaves many Wisconsinites a missed paycheck or short stretch without insurance away from losing access to the medication they rely on. We can do better, and I have a plan to lower prescription drug costs for Wisconsin families.”

Roys also released an op-ed on the need to lower the price of prescription medication, which can be read here. Her previous video, Home, which features a family that may be evicted due to Foxconn, can be viewed here.

“Cost” Transcript:

Debbie McNulty: Asthma is one of those things that a lot of people don’t understand, how deadly it can be. My mother passed away at the age of 41 in 1989 from chronic bronchial asthma. I take ADVAIR 500 every day. It’s about a 20 dollar copay. If I didn’t have insurance, it would be on average about 400 dollars. If I didn’t have insurance, there’s no way that I would be able to afford this medication.

Kelda Roys: So many Wisconsinites rely on prescription drugs to help keep them healthy, whether they have allergies or asthma or high blood pressure. But recently, pharmaceutical companies have been jacking up the prices on the medications that Wisconsinites need to stay well. This kind of greedy and monopolistic behavior stops when I’m governor. I have a plan to keep prescription drug prices affordable and help keep Wisconsinites healthy.


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