Contact: Sonja Chojnacki, 414-526-8727

Madison, WI – Kelda Roys’ Responds to Walker’s School “Safety” Plan with Statement

“Apparently Walker is more interested in getting re-election cash from the NRA than in stopping children from being murdered in school. Gov. Walker’s proposals will do virtually nothing to stop gun violence in our schools and communities. He’s taken over $3.5 million in campaign help from the NRA, and refuses to stand up to the gun manufacturers lobby to enact commonsense gun reform, like universal background checks, raising the age of purchase to 21, or even limiting high-capacity magazines. Putting more guns and guards in schools does NOT make schools safer and it certainly doesn’t make kids feel safer to turn schools into high-security, armed institutions.

“I called on Walker weeks ago to enact commonsense gun reforms that will actually make mass shootings less likely. My plan is available here:

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