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MADISON, WI — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys has spent the last few months picking up serious momentum. Here are six signs of Roys’ growing support from voters all across Wisconsin.

First, Roys garnered more valid nomination signatures than any other gubernatorial candidate in the campaign, including Governor Scott Walker, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. This is a testament to the discipline, planning, and precision of Roys’ campaign. Of Roys’ 4,000 signatures that the Commission reviewed, 3,988 were valid and only 12 were invalid, putting her error rate at a mere 0.3%. While only 2,000 valid nomination signatures are required to earn ballot placement for statewide office, the Wisconsin Elections Commission reviews up to 4,000 signatures for validity.

Second, Roys’ well-received speech at the statewide Democratic convention was picked up outside of Wisconsin due to her powerful story of her then-3-year-old daughter participating in an active shooter drill. Kelda’s message of standing up to the gun manufacturers’ lobby and protecting children, and her personal connection to this most important issue, is something voters across the political spectrum support. Watch her speech here.

Third, Roys’ first-place finish in the WisPolitics straw poll and her delivery of a standout speech garnered positive attention from political observers across Wisconsin:

John Nichols: “Big win for former state Rep. @keldahelenroys — a 38-year-old progressive — as she easily tops the straw poll at #WIDEM2018 convention. More evidence that Roys has momentum in her race to become the first woman governor of Wisconsin.”

Dave Cieslewicz: “For their part, Democrats heard from all 10 candidates running in their primary (also to be held on Aug. 14) at their convention this past weekend. The party doesn’t make a formal endorsement. Instead, WisPolitics conducted a straw poll and the overwhelming winner was Kelda Roys”

“Roys got 23 percent of the 800 or so votes, about twice as much as her nearest competitor.”

Dan Bice: Of first round of five Dem guv candidates at party convention, @keldahelenroys gets highest marks, followed by @Tony4WI and @MahlonMitchell. Bringing up rear were @andygronik and the other guy.

Fourth, Roys won her fifth consecutive straw poll, proving that she a frontrunner in this race. Monday evening, Roys won another straw poll — this time at the WISDOM candidate forum, which focused on social and criminal justice. At the Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Convention, Roys placed first in the WisPolitics straw poll with 23.3% of the vote, nearly double that of the next highest competitor. Roys previously placed first in the straw polls held at the 2nd Congressional District Democratic Convention, on air on the Devil’s Advocates radio show, and at the Educators Amplified WRRD Radio and WEAC Region 7 forum. Roys has swept every straw poll in the last several months.

Fifth, Roys advanced to the final stage of “Wisconsin’s Choice.” This poll was put together by a coalition of progressive groups, such as Our Wisconsin Revolution and the Wisconsin Working Families Party, in an effort to help Wisconsin Democrats select their candidate for governor. Individual placement within the top 4 was not announced.

Sixth, Roys has earned the endorsement of national political organizations with resources to spend in key primaries, like NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Organization for Women, and Demand Universal Healthcare. Kelda has also earned the support of dozens of elected officials, including, Rep. Amanda Stuck, former Senator Jess King, and many more to be announced soon.

“I am deeply grateful for the tremendous support our campaign is receiving for voters and grassroots activists all across Wisconsin,” said Roys. “Our campaign continues to gain momentum, win straw polls, and garner endorsements because we recognize this race is not about Scott Walker, or even me. We’re building a movement to bridge Wisconsin’s divides, solve our common problems, and restore opportunity and fairness to the state that we all love. It’s clear that voters in Wisconsin are excited to have someone to vote for, not just something to vote against.”

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