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Congressman Sensenbrenner, Speaker Ryan, Vice President Pence, Senator Johnson, &

Governor Scott Walker at Mukwonago, WI Get Out The Vote Rally

The Republican Party of Waukesha County (RPWC) would like to thank Speaker Paul Ryan for his years of service to his constituents of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and his willingness to lead our nation’s Congress as Speaker of the House. The RPWC is saddened by the loss that will be felt after his retirement as Speaker Ryan has been an incredible force for good and positive policy change in Washington as a leader in our party’s pursuit of conservative reform and prosperity for all Americans.

We also take heart in that as man of great integrity, faith, and family values, he will soon be returning to spending time with his family so as to not be known as “the weekend dad.” The RPWC has been honored to have been a part of electing Paul Ryan, and we know that his legacy will continue to live on not only with the next reform minded Republican to serve the district, but also in us as electors who will continue to passionately support his vision of tax and entitlement reform.

The RPWC wishes him the best in his future pursuits as he enters the next chapter of his life, be they future political endeavors or afterschool basketball games and deer stands. Until then, God bless and good luck in the important work you do through the remainder of your term.

Thank you!

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