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Run for Something releases 2018 plan & endorses new candidates in Wisconsin

61 new candidates from 27 states build momentum for 2018 progressive wave

Jan. 18, 2018–  Run for Something (RFS) is building off the successes of 2017 and this year is going to be even bigger and better. Welcome to our strategic plan for year two.

We’re also amped to announce our newest crop of RFS endorsed candidates. These 61 first-timers from 27 states will be strong voices in the next generation of progressive leadership. Check out the list of newly endorsements here and also below.

“These first time candidates represent the grit and determination that RFS stands for, and we are proud to give them our endorsement,” said Ross Morales Rocketto, co founder of Run for Something. “Put simply, they are the type of people we think the Party needs and the type of candidates who are going to work hard. They are knocking on doors and hustling to run grassroots, community-led campaigns.”

The endorsement process, which began in October, includes an extensive internal review with background check, staff interview and insight from local state experts. The 61 new candidates are joining 28 previously endorsed 2018 candidates, totaling 89 RFS candidates in 2018 elections.

January endorsement numbers:

  • 61 candidates from 26 states
  • Campaign budgets range from $3000 to $300,000
  • Win numbers range from 645 to 30,000 votes.

Newly endorsed candidates

Michael Wendel Arkansas State House District 70
Joe Bisaccia Arizona House of Representatives, LD12
Tristan Brown Sacramento City Council, District 7
Jon Wizard Seaside City Council, CA
Jared Milrad Long Beach City Council District 7, CA
Andrea Marr Costa Mesa City Council, District 3, CA
Jordan Beane San Diego City Council District 2
Rae Vander Werf American RIver Flood Control District Trustee, CA
Brianna Titone Colorado House District 27
George Stern Clerk and Recorder in Jefferson County, CO
Hazel Gibson Colorado State Senate District 32
Lisa Hunter DC City Council, Ward 6
Jeremiah Lowery AT DC Council
Emma Collum Florida State House, District 93
Christina Peterson Solicitor General of Douglas County, GA
Everton Blair Jr. Gwinnett County Board of Education, District IV, GA
Lindsay James State Representative, Iowa House District 99
Randy Johnson Idaho House of Representatives District 17 Seat A
Shavon Francis County Treasurer, Macon County, IL
Kevin Morrison Cook County Board Commissioner, 15th District, IL
Ashley Selmon DuPage County Board, District 1, IL
Daniel Didech Illinois House of Representatives, 59th District
Zahra Suratwala DuPage County Board Member, District 1, IL
Derek Camp Indiana State Senate, District 31
Aidan Koster Kansas House of Representatives, 45th District.
Josie Raymond Kentucky State Representative, District 31
Christopher Flanagan Massachusetts Legistature, House 1st Barnstable District.
Katie Forde Suffolk County Register of Deeds, MA
Mila Johns Maryland State Delegate, 18th District
Ronald McDaniel Jr Maryland State Delegate, District 27A
Ben Shnider Montgomery County Council, District 3, MD
Allison Berkowitz Maryland House of Delegates, District 7
Andrew Van Wye Maryland House of Delegates, 15th District
Samir Paul Maryland House of Delegates, District 16
Jordan Acker University of Michigan Board of Regents
Mallory McMorrow Michigan State Senate, 13th District
Geoff Dittberner Minnesota State Representative, 52B
Brandon Taitt Minnesota House District 37B
Benjamin Carollo Minnesota House 13B
Brittney Johnson Minnesota State House, District 8A
Curtis Wylde Missouri House District 107
Ian Mackey Missouri House District 87
Antoine Marshall North Carolina General Assembly, District 33
Luis Toledo North Carolina State Senate, District 16
Bryson Jones North Carolina General Assembly, District 79
Kyle Strickland Ohio State Senate, 15th District
Taylor Sappington Ohio House of Representatives, 94th District
Malcolm Kenyatta Pennsylvania House, 181st District
Aerion Abney Pennsylvania House, District 19
Jennifer O’Mara Pennsylvania House, 165th District
Lori Clemons Williamson County Commissioner District 2, TN
Evetty Satterfield Knox County School Board District 1,TN
Andrew Morris Texas House District 64
Armen Merjanian Judge, County Criminal Court 5, TX
Amanda Ghagar District Court Judge, 68th District, TX
Jessica Gonzalez Texas House, 104th District
Aurora Martinez Jones 459th District Judge, TX
Jessica Tiedt Williamson County Clerk, TX
McKinley Melancon Judge, County Court At Law 5, TX
Kelly Danner Dane County Board Supervisor, District 11, WI
Cooper Richason Town of Trempealeau Seat on the Board of Education, WI
James Davies Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors District 8
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