Team Ryan Has Transferred Over $40 Million To NRCC This Cycle

WASHINGTON, DC — House Speaker Paul Ryan’s joint-fundraising committee, Team Ryan, announced today that it hauled in over $11.1 million in the first fundraising quarter of 2018, putting House Republicans in great financial shape to succeed in November’s midterm elections.

During this election cycle, Team Ryan has raised more than $54 million, an unprecedented total for a Speaker’s political organization. At the outset of 2017, Team Ryan was expected to transfer $25 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), but that number was revised up to $40 million after the special elections that spring. Now, after Q1 in 2018, Team Ryan has hit that internal goal, transferring more than $40 million to the NRCC, and will continue to raise funds for the organization throughout this election cycle.

“Thanks to the Speaker’s tireless efforts, our members and candidates across the country will have the resources they need this fall to tout how our agenda is allowing the economy to grow and families to keep more of what they earn,” said Kevin Seifert, executive director of Team Ryan. “While Democrats still have no coherent 2018 message, Republicans are united, have a clear platform to run on, and because of Speaker Ryan, they will be able to organize strong campaigns.”

The Speaker has kept up his breakneck fundraising schedule, traveling to more than 30 states and over 70 cities to help raise money for House Republicans this cycle, while keeping his pledge to spend weekends at home in Wisconsin. In addition to serving as House Speaker, Ryan represents Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. For more information, please visit

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