Contact: Johnny Koremenos, 262-706-1649

[BROOKFIELD, Wis…] Weeks ahead of the November election, Josh Kaul sightings in Wisconsin have come few and far between. Kaul has gone AWOL from the campaign trail, and still hasn’t weighed in on substantive policy positions and voters are noticing. While Brad Schimel is traveling Wisconsin highlighting his efforts to keep Wisconsin safe, Josh Kaul is nowhere to be found.

Even his website is anemic, sparsely populated with nothing more than talking points and vague platitudes.

“Josh Kaul is AWOL, so what is he hiding? He wouldn’t know the difference between Wautoma and Wabeno, he’s making no effort to meet Wisconsin voters, because he is embarrassed by his thin and weak record and his lack of plans for the Department of Justice,” said Johnny Koremenos, Schimel campaign manager. “Meanwhile, Brad Schimel is campaigning across Wisconsin and successfully fighting every day to make sure that Wisconsin families are safe.”

Kaul isn’t just hiding in real life, he’s hiding online, too. He doesn’t have much to run on, as anyone who visits his website can see. In fact, he hasn’t updated his website since February.

“Josh Kaul has a thin and unimpressive resume and no agenda for Wisconsin. He’s never prosecuted a single case in Wisconsin. Not one, ever,” said Koremenos. “Now, between ducking major policy questions and ducking Wisconsin voters, Josh Kaul remains a dangerous question mark. Voters can’t trust Kaul to keep Wisconsin safe.”

Brad Schimel is the only candidate for Attorney General with broad, bipartisan support, including from 51 Republican and 12 Democratic Sheriffs. Schimel is recognized as a national leader for his efforts combatting the opioid epidemic. A Wisconsin prosecutor for nearly 30 years, Schimel has eliminated the sexual assault kit backlog, which had plagued Wisconsin for nearly 3 decades. And he’s successfully administered the new Office of School Safety, which is providing $100 million in grants to school districts across Wisconsin. Josh Kaul moved to Wisconsin just a few years ago to represent Hillary Clinton in court and to try to overturn Wisconsin’s Voter ID law.

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