Contact: Johnny Koremenos, 262-706-1649

[WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis…] Activist candidate for Attorney General Josh Kaul has never prosecuted a single criminal in Wisconsin, not one, ever. But his skimpy track record in Baltimore is under scrutiny in a new statewide television ad.

Johnny Koremenos, campaign manager for Attorney General Brad Schimel issued the following statement along with the corroborating evidence supporting the factual ad.

“The press has given Josh Kaul a free pass, but the public deserves the truth about his weak record in Maryland,” said Koremenos. “Josh Kaul doesn’t have much experience with juries, but he sure loves pleading down sentences for drug dealers.”

While Wisconsin is leading the nation in the fight against opioid abuse and is waging an intense battle against Meth dealers, too, Kaul has been silent on his weak record fighting the scourge of drugs.

“Josh Kaul has zero convictions in Wisconsin and dozens of plea bargains for drug dealers in Maryland,” said Koremenos. “Josh Kaul is a bad call. Wisconsin can’t afford to give up on our fight against opioids and meth.”

See the ad here:

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