Madison, WI – Career Prosecutor and Attorney General Brad Schimel released his first statewide online campaign ad, titled “Not Finished,” highlighting his efforts on treatment and prevention – leading the fight against opioid abuse.

The 30-second online ad notes startling statistics on how opioids fall into the hands of users and it reminds viewers the efforts to eradicate this tragic epidemic are not finished.

YouTube link:

“This campaign is about my record as Attorney General and I’m proud to be leading the fight against opioid abuse,” said Schimel. “I’ve made treatment and prevention a top priority. From our ‘Dose of Reality Campaign’ to our ‘Drug Take Back Days’ we are leading the Nation as a model for prescription drug abuse prevention.”

Prior to being elected Attorney General in 2014, Schimel spent nearly 25 years as a County prosecutor in Waukesha and eight of those years as the elected Waukesha County District Attorney. Brad and his wife live in Waukesha with their two daughters.

We know that more than 80% of the heroin addicts started by becoming addicted to prescription narcotic painkillers, we also know that 71% of the time they didn’t get them from a doctor, they didn’t get them from a street drug dealer, they got them from a family member or a friend. That’s why we’ve prioritized treatment and prevention over the last three years and that’s why the work on the opioid crisis isn’t finished.

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