Contact: Johnny Koremenos, 262-706-1649

[WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis…] In response to the Josh Kaul for Attorney General campaign’s lie, Schimel Campaign Manager Johnny Koremenos released the following statement.

“Trailing badly in the polls and coming under fire for his record and lack of an agenda, Josh Kaul is trying to change the subject. In addition to being a partisan activist with zero prosecutions in Wisconsin, Josh Kaul surrounds himself with liars. The fact is, the Schimel campaign did not back out of any scheduled debate. The fact is, as a 29-year Wisconsin prosecutor, Brad Schimel is poised to beat the inexperienced Josh Kaul in three debates over the next week alone and we’ve been working to get a non Madison/Milwaukee debate set up for months, to no avail. Mr. Kaul shouldn’t blame others for his failing campaign. Josh Kaul is hiding in Madison, hasn’t updated his website since February and has offered no detailed plans for the Wisconsin Department of Justice. If his campaign is willing to lie about something like debates, what other deceptions can we expect from the inexperienced and untrustworthy Josh Kaul? Is it any wonder that Mr. Kaul’s fellow Democrats are rejecting him in droves? Brad Schimel’s law enforcement support now includes 20 elected Democratic Sheriffs and District Attorneys who understand Josh Kaul isn’t up to the job.”

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