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Brad Schimel’s Lifetime Commitment to Justice for Survivors
vs. Josh Kaul’s Empty Rhetoric

[WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis…] The Brad Schimel for Attorney General Campaign released a :30 television commercial today which shows the stark contrast between real prosecutor Brad Schimel and Madison Activist Josh Kaul.

“Josh Kaul has talking points and a stump speech someone else wrote for him, Brad Schimel has a lifetime of successful prosecutions of rapists and is the only Attorney General in history to have untested sexual assault kits processed,” said Schimel campaign manager Johnny Koremenos. “While Josh Kaul has bounced from state to state and job to job, Our Attorney General Brad Schimel has been here at home in Wisconsin, working, and winning, to get justice for survivors, lock up rapists and improve the criminal justice system for all of us.”

  •  FACT – The backlog of unprocessed rape kits began more than 20 years ago. Unprocessed kits sat in hundreds of evidence lockers in law enforcement departments and hospitals across the state. Brad Schimel eliminated the backlog.
  • FACT – Brad Schimel served as an Assistant District Attorney in Waukesha from 1989-2006. From 2007-2015 he was the Waukesha County District Attorney. He was elected Attorney General of Wisconsin in 2014.

  • FACT – The largest part of Brad Schimel’s 24-year career as a frontline prosecutor has been spent in the Sensitive Crimes Unit, which handles sexual assault and child abuse and neglect cases.

  • FACT – In Wisconsin, Brad Schimel has personally convicted hundreds of rapists, abusers, and child predators and put them behind bars.

  • His leadership, in Waukesha and as Attorney General has helped increase the quality of trauma-informed investigations, so convictions can be obtained, and survivors empowered.

  • FACT – Brad Schimel hired the State’s first statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), increased the training requirement from 40 hours to 46 hours, reduced the price of training from $600 to $100 dollars, and trained hundreds of new SANEs in Wisconsin.

  • FACT – As Waukesha County District Attorney, Brad Schimel saw first hand the damage done to abused and neglected children, which led him to help create Wisconsin’s first full service child advocacy center in Waukesha.

  • FACT – As Attorney General, Brad Schimel worked with the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass Alicia’s Law, which created an administrative subpoena process that expedites the procedure for finding the location of suspected internet sex predators and provides additional funding to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force. In 2017 alone, ICAC made 537 arrests and served 856 warrants.

  • FACT – Brad Schimel worked with the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass the Sexual Assault Victim Amnesty law, which prevents law enforcement from issuing a citation to an underage victim of sexual assault, or anyone who is present with the victim, when he or she seeks the assistance of emergency medical personnel. This law applies statewide, but these circumstances frequently occur on college campuses.

  • FACT – Brad Schimel launched Safe at Home, a statewide address confidentiality program that provides victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and trafficking, and those who fear for their physical safety with a legal substitute address and free mail forwarding service.

  • FACT – Brad Schimel has partnered with businesses and entire industries, such as the trucking industry, to engage members of the workforce who are in the position to recognize and report human trafficking as part of their everyday jobs. Brad Schimel is responsible for more than 3,200 people being trained in human trafficking prevention.

  • FACT – Brad Schimel has been endorsed by 51 Republican Sheriffs, 13 Democratic Sheriffs, 40 Republican District Attorneys, 8 Democratic District Attorneys and 2 Independent District Attorneys

  • FACT – Josh Kaul has never convicted a rapist. Not one, ever. He’s never convicted a criminal of any kind in Wisconsin.

  • FACT – Josh Kaul can tell us how many touchdowns he had in High School, but he won’t admit just how pathetically few prosecutions he participated in, whether he led any at all, nor how many criminal trials he prosecuted before a jury.

Brad Schimel for Attorney General
“BEST”: 30 Television Commercial
Statewide on Cable, Broadcast and Online


“This is real award given to law-enforcement heroes who help keep us safe.

“This is a real kit that I’ve used to convict rapists.

“I’m a real prosecutor who convicts rapists and eliminated the rape kit backlog. Things Josh Kaul has never done.

“That’s why more than 20 members of his own party are among the sheriffs and DAs who want me as Attorney General.

“I’m Brad Schimel

“I’m a prosecutor – not a politician.

“I get results. And convictions.”

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