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[WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis…] Thousands of small business owners, Republican AND Democrat, want Brad Schimel to continue to serve as our Attorney General. Today, the campaign announced the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business’ Wisconsin chapter.

“This endorsement is based on your experience as a prosecutor, the recognition and respect you have earned from law enforcement professionals located throughout the state and your participation in court proceedings consistent with the best interests of our state’s small business community,” said NFIB Wisconsin State Director Bill Smith. “This endorsement is also based on the recommendations of small business owners themselves as represented by the NFIB Wisconsin Political Action Committee, the NFIB Wisconsin Leadership Council, and survey results where 98% of the respondents supported an endorsement of your candidacy as Attorney General.”

“Small business owners commend your commitment to meeting the challenges of public safety, and also appreciate your sensible yet fair approach toward the enforcement of regulations and laws that impact the small and independent business community,” said Smith.

NFIB represents nearly 10,000 member firms who are a part of Wisconsin’s small Main Street business community.

“This is another huge, nonpartisan endorsement for Brad Schimel,” said Schimel Campaign Manager Johnny Koremenos. “Each day, Attorney General Schimel adds more and more people from all walks of life to his team of supporters, and this NFIB endorsement is a significant addition to Team Schimel.”

Brad Schimel became a prosecutor in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office after serving as an intern there during law school. Throughout his nearly 25-year career in Waukesha, the largest portion of which was spent in the sensitive crimes unit, Brad Schimel earned a reputation as an aggressive and tough prosecutor, handling thousands of cases and more than 150 jury trials. Schimel’s caseload included elder abuse, human trafficking, homicide, sexual assault, drunk driving, internet crimes against children, public corruption, and one of the nation’s first sextortion cases.

Schimel faces activist Josh Kaul in the General Election. Whereas Brad Schimel has a nearly three decades long, distinguished career as a prosecutor in this state, Josh Kaul has never prosecuted a criminal case in Wisconsin. Not one, ever. Whereas Schimel has a broad, bipartisan coalition of Wisconsin supporters, Kaul is funded and supported by state and national partisan activists.

As Attorney General, Schimel has also prioritized preventing Internet crimes against children and violence against women. Under Schimel, Wisconsin is a national leader in the fight against human trafficking. Together with a coalition of Attorneys General from across the country, Brad Schimel has led numerous lawsuits challenging overreach by the federal government that would cripple the economy and hurt Wisconsin families.

Brad Schimel’s determined, yet compassionate, record on criminal justice has earned him the support of 64 of Wisconsin’s 72 sheriffs and 50 of Wisconsin’s 71 district attorneys, including 21 elected Democrats who appreciate the breadth, depth, and nonpartisan nature of the Republican Attorney General’s experience.

Brad and his wife, Sandi, raise their two daughters in Waukesha County where Brad previously served as a prosecutor since 1990, including eight years as the elected District Attorney. He was elected Wisconsin Attorney General in 2014.

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