Republican AG Brad Schimel released a new TV ad touting his commitment to victims of crime.

The ad begins with footage of Schimel speaking at the front of a courtroom while a male narrator claims Schimel, as a prosecutor, “wanted to do more to help victims.”

Footage then features a yellow house as the narrator describes it’s a project Schimel helped create that is “a safe place where abused kids can get the help they need and start healing.”

Big Yellow House in Waukesha is home to two social service and social welfare organizations that assist children in crisis.

The ad then pans to footage of Mark Lyday, former Director of Child Advocacy and Protective Services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, who praises Schimel for advocating for the needs of crime victims.

The ad then shows a clip of an interview with Terri Terrill, executive director of Family Service of Waukesha.

“Brad really brings the passion and commitment to keep kids safe in a world that can be relatively unsafe,” Terrill says as the ad then pans to b-roll of Schimel sitting with children.

The 30-second spot closes with a narrator saying, “Brad Schimel — our attorney general.”

A source familiar with the buy said it started running last week online and on cable. This week it’s up on broadcast in Eau Claire and La Crosse, and will soon air on other markets.

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