Republican AG Brad Schimel is out with a new ad touting his accomplishments and slamming Democratic opponent Josh Kaul for being weak on crime.

The 30-second spot begins with footage of Schimel descending the steps of the Waukesha County courthouse while a male narrator introduces him.

The screen then shows photos and news stories featuring Schimel on several TV screens while the narrator claims the AG “is leading the nation in the fight against opioid abuse.”

The narrator then touts support for Schimel from 51 Republican and 12 Democratic sheriffs while showing a photo of Schimel with the sheriffs.

With a loud bang, the screen then turns dark except for a photo of Kaul on TV screen outlined in red.

The narrator claims Kaul is “weak on drug dealers,” and said “Kaul let the head of an opioid ring plead down,” which reduced her sentence to three years behind bars.

The claims were outlined in accompanying block text.

The narrator continued, claiming Kaul allowed more than 60 drug offenders to plead lighter sentences.

“That’s a bad Kaul,” the narrator said as a red stamp with accompanying text was presented on the screen.

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