AG Brad Schimel’s latest TV ad calls him a “real prosecutor” who gets things done.

The spot is in response to the first ad from Dem rival Josh Kaul, who knocked Schimel for a backlog of untested rape kits during his tenure and spending taxpayer money on commemorative coins. In that spot, Kaul sits at a table, holding a coin while a white box is next to him.

Schimel’s ad has a similar setup. But the AG holds up the coin, calling it a “real award given to law enforcement heroes who help keep us safe.” He then says the box on the table, which has the state of Wisconsin seal on it, is a “real kit that I’ve used to convict rapists.”

Schimel says he’s convicted rapists and eliminated the rape kit backlog, which Kaul has never done. That’s why, he says, more than 20 DAs and sheriffs from Kaul’s “own party” are supporting him.

“I’m Brad Schimel,” the AG says to close the spot. “I’m a prosecutor, not a politician. I get results and convictions.”

Schimel’s campaign said it will air statewide on broadcast TV and is part of a mid-six-figure buy for the final 18 days.

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