We urge Wisconsinites to Join our Campaign: “Create Efficiency in Wisconsin”

The following is from Jay Schroeder, a candidate for Wisconsin Secretary of State:

On April 3rd there will be a rare opportunity for Wisconsin voters through direct legislation to limit, dare I say, eliminate outdated useless government. The horse and buggy once had a use as well, but that time has passed also.

By the stroke of the ballot box, voters will be able to cut the state spending by $456,000 by voting YES on the statewide referendum to eliminate the office of State Treasurer. Those urging a no vote do not even want the voters to have a say on eliminating the office.

The offices of State Treasurer and Secretary of State have little or no duties, and common sense voters from all parties and persuasions will sense this. Voters are empowered to vote YES to eliminate useless government. In both instances, the Wisconsin State Legislature gave bipartisan support to refer the decision to the voters.

Doug Lafollette on the other hand, wants to continue his 50 year reign as Secretary of State. I want to eliminate this useless and outdated office. The office belongs to the state of Wisconsin not Doug Lafollette, and I want to claim it back for the voters of Wisconsin. I testified before a legislative committee supporting giving the voters the opportunity to eliminate both offices.

Doug Lafollette does not want the voters to have the chance to eliminate his position. It cannot be justified to spend over a million dollars for an office with not much to do.

My number one job as Secretary of State will be to travel the state and explain to Republicans, Democrats, Independents the need empower the voters to eliminate the Secretary of State position, just as the voters will do on April 3 when they vote overwhelmingly to eliminate the position of State Treasurer.

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