Taxpayers in Wisconsin work very hard for their money and want to ensure
their money is spent wisely. With that in mind, I am requesting my opponent stop receiving contributions to his retirement plan from the taxpayers of Wisconsin. They are benefits but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. He can refund them to the state. If ever a case for term limits this is it.
We as voters must stop increasing his retirement package by retiring him on 11/6/18.
How is it Lafollette can have the ability to sleep at night knowing he possibly will be receiving a taxpayer funded pension of over $200,000 per year. Yes folks that is over $16,000 per month. Oh, I know some will say this is not possible to have that high of a pension.  But having been on the public dole for 40 years adds up under the  state pension system.
Lafollette will say that is not true, but my response to him will be then Doug, you receive a pension annuity statement once per year. Under the principle of transparency and full disclosure please SHOW the taxpayers your most recent statement regarding your pension balance and accrued sick leave balance. Keep in mind he has had his duties cut over 65% and still took the full salary without having the good conscience to refund any money back to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.
He will retire and make more money the first day in retirement than the final last day employed. The money purchase calculation uses the participants WRS account balance.(contribution +accrued interest) and an actuarial age factor to annuities the account balance. He will receive the higher benefit of the two vs using the 70% of salary calculation of his last 3 years of earnings.
Food for thought. Lafollette is also stockpiling massive amounts of accrued sick leave to use at retirement to pay for healthcare costs. His estimated sick leave balance can easily exceed $300,000. Doug ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Ousting him from office will stop the snowball effect of his pension and benefits.
Insult to injury, the longest serving statewide elected Dean of the Democratic party will retire a Millionaire!
There is a positive solution out there folks and that is further reform of the system. Together we can.
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