Photo by Michelle Stocker, The Capital Times

Gov. Scott Walker’s chief of staff Rich Zipperer will start his new role at the Public Service Commission March 26.

Meanwhile, the guv’s office announced Tuesday Eric Schutt will return as Walker’s chief of staff April 2.

Zipperer will fill the vacancy left at the Public Service Commission after Walker appointed Chair Ellen Nowak his DOA secretary and elevated Commissioner Lon Roberts to replace Nowak as head of the three-member board. The other PSC member is Mike Huebsch, the former GOP Assembly speaker.

Zipperer, 43, replaced Schutt as chief of staff in August 2015. An attorney, he served two terms in the Assembly before his election to the state Senate in 2010. While in the Senate, he chaired the Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce and Government Operations Committee. He then resigned his seat in the Senate in September 2012 to join Walker’s staff as deputy chief of staff.

Schutt, 46, originally joined Walker’s staff as deputy chief of staff in early 2011. He then was promoted to chief of staff that September after Keith Gilkes left to gear up the guv’s campaign for the pending 2012 recall attempt that eventually failed. Before joining Walker’s administration, Schutt served as an aide in the state Legislature and lobbied for UnitedHealth Group. Schutt, who also worked on numerous GOP campaigns, returned to UnitedHealth Group in 2016 as senior vice president for external affairs.

The guv’s office said Zipperer will make $129,001 at the PSC. His salary as chief of staff was $113,818.

Schutt will make $135,000 after he returns to the guv’s office.

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