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Gov. Scott Walker and AG Brad Schimel are warning against a change in course a month out from the November elections.

Speaking to the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce State of Wisconsin Business and Industry luncheon in Madison, Walker suggested he was a victim of his own success as some look at the economy.

“Sometimes our prosperity has been so great we forget about where we were in 2010,” he said before contrasting the unemployment rate then vs. now.

Walker didn’t mention Dem rival Tony Evers directly, but warned the crowd about those who talk about raising taxes, including on manufacturers and farmers. He said 88 percent of those who received the manufacturing and ag credit are small businesses that make under $1 million a year and wiping out that tax would negatively impact them.

He later warned the group, “Don’t go back.”

Evers’ campaign, which said it wasn’t invited to address the group, countered the economy is working for “corporate special interests and wealthy campaign donors, but it’s not working for Wisconsin families.” Spokeswoman Britt Cudaback added 11 people making more than $30 million last year were estimated to be eligible for $22 million in tax credits under the manufacturing and ag credit.

“Tony believes it’s time for a change and an economy that works for all of us,” she said.

Schimel warned he has a challenging month ahead in order to beat Dem AG candidate Josh Kaul.

He told the WMC luncheon he’s the top target of the Democratic Attorneys General Association and expects an influx of spending that will likely shift the polls.

“Now I’ve got a race. You may see the polls that say I’m way ahead. Well my opponent and his allies haven’t started running their commercials yet,” Schimel said.

In the latest Marquette University Law School poll, conducted Sept. 12-16, Schimel led Kaul 48 to 41 percent. A new MU Law poll will be released tomorrow.

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