Contact: Sean Lansing
[email protected]

(Reedsburg, Wis.) – The Screnock for Justice Campaign announced Thursday Judge Michael Screnock has earned yet another Wisconsin endorsement after the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation announced their organization is supporting him over Milwaukee Judge Rebecca Dallet in the April 3rd Supreme Court election.

“Today’s announcement from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau is further proof that our campaign is resonating where it matters most—right here in America’s Dairyland,” said Judge Screnock. “While my opponent remains fixated on nationalizing her campaign in order to secure the support of Washington, DC special interest groups, liberal East Coast politicians, and West Coast money, I continue to meet with citizens and organizations across Wisconsin so I can share with voters my judicial philosophy and my experience.”

In addition to support from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, Judge Screnock has been endorsed by a bipartisan majority of Wisconsin Sheriffs, the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, the Wisconsin Realtors Association, the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association, the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, Wisconsin Right to Life, Pro-Life Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Family Action.

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