Contact: Sean Lansing

(Milwaukee, Wis.) – At the Marquette University Law School Supreme Court Debate Friday night, Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Michael Screnock again proved he is the clear choice for voters who believe our courts must uphold the rule of law and rely on the Constitution

During the debate, Judge Screnock clearly distinguished himself from his opponent, Judge Rebecca Dallet, who has called the rule of law “garbage” and, according to a recent report from the Wisconsin State Journal, has accepted campaign contributions from nearly 40 attorneys who were arguing cases in her court.

Please see below for highlights from Judge Screnock’s appearance at the debate:

“There is a reason I have been endorsed in this race by a bipartisan majority of Wisconsin Sheriffs. It is because they understand our highest court deserves impartial justices, not partisan activists. I will be that impartial justice.”

“I am running because I care deeply about Wisconsin and the rule of law. I was born and raised here, I went to school here, I raised my family here, and I have dedicated my professional life to serving the people of our state.”

“I am a Judge, and I have served as an attorney, so I know firsthand the importance of upholding the rule of law, protecting public safety, and respecting the Constitution and the separation of powers. I also know about the dangers of legislating from the bench.”

“Judges are not legislators, nor are we executives. Our job is to interpret and apply the law, based not on our personal or political beliefs, but by relying on statutes and the Constitution. Simply put, our job is to be arbiters of the law; not policy analysts or political activists.

“Citizens across the Badger State deserve the security and predictability of an independent, nonpartisan judicial branch. By electing me to the bench this spring, that is exactly what they will get.”

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