January 29, 2018
Contact: Sean Lansing
[email protected]

Screnock Campaign: Releases first radio ad, titled “Rule of Law”
Ad will run in markets across Wisconsin

[Reedsburg, Wis.] – The Screnock for Justice Campaign announced Monday it has released the first radio ad of the 2018 Wisconsin Supreme Court race, titled “Rule of Law”. The ad, which highlights Judge Michael Screnock’s judicial philosophy, will air in markets across Wisconsin.

“This ad, which will run consistently in multiple markets across the state, provides voters with a clear picture of Judge Screnock’s judicial philosophy, which is cemented in the rule of law, the Constitution, and a respect for the separation of powers,” said Sean Lansing, senior advisor to the Screnock Campaign.

“In addition, it warns voters about the views his opponents in this race share, which include support for judicial activism and legislating from the bench,” said Lansing. 

“Rule of Law”

Judge Screnock: Hi—I’m Judge Michael Screnock, and I’m running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court February 20th.

Judge Screnock: I firmly believe our judges must uphold the rule of law by relying on the Constitution and the separation of powers, not by legislating from the bench.

Judge Screnock: Unfortunately, my opponents don’t share these views.

Judge Screnock: They have openly criticized laws signed by Governor Walker that they disagree with and are campaigning as activists who will implement their policies from the bench.

Judge Screnock: Join me February 20th and send a message that the job of judges is to uphold the rule of law and respect the Constitution.

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