Contact: Sean Lansing

(Reedsburg, Wis.) – The Screnock for Justice Campaign announced Monday it has released its third radio ad, titled “Judicial Conservative”. The ad will join two other radio ads running in markets across Wisconsin.

“It has become increasingly clear that Judge Screnock is the only candidate in this race with the experience, integrity and judicial philosophy that is needed on Wisconsin’s highest court,” said Sean Lansing, senior advisor to the Screnock Campaign.

“Voters have a clear choice on February 20th,” added Luke Hilgemann, senior advisor to the Screnock Campaign. “They can either vote for Judge Screnock, who embodies the qualities of a fair and impartial justice, or they can be saddled with one of two judicial activists who aren’t shying away from their desire to legislate from the bench.”

“Judicial Conservative”

Judge Screnock: Hi—I’m Judge Michael Screnock, the only Judicial Conservative running for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court February 20th.

Judge Screnock: I need your support to make sure our highest court continues to uphold the rule of law and respect our Constitution.

Judge Screnock: I was appointed to the bench by Governor Scott Walker, and I care deeply about the future of our state.

Judge Screnock: There is just too much at stake not to cast your vote on February 20th.  

Judge Screnock: Everybody deserves the stability of a judicial branch that relies on our Constitution and the law. By voting for me on February 20th, that is exactly what you will get.

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