Contact: Sen. Tim Carpenter (608) 266-8535

(MADISON) – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement regarding Governor Walker’s School Safety Package.

“Today the $100 million dollar school safety package that was released by the Governor did nothing to address the core issue of gun safety regulation in schools. This is nothing more than a Band-Aid on a bullet wound and it is simply not enough. Something as universally supported (over 90%) as universal background checks for all firearm purchases is conspicuously missing from this package.

A more cynical person could conclude that the support Governor Walker enjoys from the National Rifle Association has something to do with the absence of any gun safety reform in these proposals.

I have supported proposals to increase funding for school safety in the past and we have seen the majority party vote down these proposals. Governor Walker is choosing to ignore commonsense, ignore an issue that doesn’t cost any taxpayer money, and turn his back on Wisconsin in order to maintain his A+ rating with the NRA. ‘Governor Walker, Wisconsin can do better than this.’”

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